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InfiniteStream Hyperion Ultra HD TV

The next generation of streaming technology our InfiniteStream Hyperion Ultra HD TV.

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Why InfiniteStream?

Are you ready to cut the cord? With InfiniteStream, that decision is yours! Cable and Satellite TV plans have continued to rise in cost, despite all the online options. Many savvy subscribers have been reducing or even dropping their plans in favor of streaming services, both paid and free services. The premium paid services offer many options that sports and TV fans alike crave, such as live stream sports and live news streams.

InfiniteStream gives the hands down BEST streaming experience, and it’s the experience that matters. Many people aren’t ready to cut the cord, as they have tried cheap streaming devices and were very dissatisfied. Hence, they keep spending $100 to $200 every month on Cable TV and channel subscriptions. Had they done it right and spent the money on a fast, high quality device like ours, their experience would have been very different. The InfiniteStream can help save you money every month, if your chose to reduce your bill through specific subscription app usage, or be connected to almost any type of content possible through the use of many 3rd party apps.

One word of caution. Make sure you have a good high speed internet connection. This is a must, especially if your cutting the cord. Streaming can be better that cable, since it’s all on-demand and has an abundance of options. But a poor internet connection can ruin the experience no matter what box you get… yes, even with a InfiniteStream player!

InfiniteStream is arguably the best streaming device! There are so many streaming media player options now days, it can be challenging to know which one to get. The reality is, most streaming devices are made with cheap parts that are not reliable. Our box is both made with more expensive durable parts, and focuses on subscription based streaming. The high quality and durability of the Infinite Stream box can be easily researched on the web, where many happy customers and very few complaints are found. The well established InfiniteStreamproduct line is an industry leader with great reputations.

The specs on this streaming media player are top of the line. Large processor, tons of memory, USB, optical, expansion memory, RCA, and HDMI all included, not to mention 4K with a Octo-Core GPU! All new polymer housing, low-noise for cooling and advanced PC board, this is really the streaming device you want. Entertainment on your terms is the philosophy of the founders of Infinite Stream. We built the brand around a “Cost Reduction” philosophy. However, this does not mean you cannot add paid services, like Netflix and Hulu.

In a word, Yes!!! InfiniteStream is simply a highly optimized Android computer that is designed around streaming effectively and flawlessly. InfiniteStream acts as a Media Center, to bring you all the content that is available online all over the world through the use of quality premium and free 3rd party apps. InfiniteStream is not the provider of the content, but rather opens the door to that content for you to easily have the ability to access and consume as you see fit. With InfiniteStream, you can truly have access to a Universe of Streaming!!!

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When looking for the best TV box and doing a lot of research, I decided to get this TV box and I’m sooooo happy I did! I’m very new to streaming boxes and wanted a product that came with support and updates. I was paying over $300 a month for all the HD boxes and DVRs and had tons a channnels I never watched. Now I just use the specific services I want and we can take the box on all our trips. This thing is AWESOME! Total game changer here!
Kevin Crabb
My brother in law told me about Infinite Stream. Other boxes come with zero support and your kind of on your own as far as updating your box. With Infinite Stream it’s a click of the button, so easy! Thank you.
Devin Hollars
Great product with great customer service. High speed internet is the key and once you get passed how complex it can be you’ll see its full potential…overall 5 stars!
Jeff M
Great box, every show and movie I want to watch is there. So glad I’m not stuck paying for cable anymore. With InfiniteStream, I just sign into my Netflix account and chill.
Cayley Thompson
Best box out. Had other boxes that can’t even touch this. Programs load way faster. Plus they have tech support which is huge if you have an issue. With the right subscriptions, you can get pretty much anything!
Daniel Kearns